Aerial Photography 

At KB Productions we are also work with taking pictures for estate agents, our specialty is to get images and video that raises the question of how the photo was taken. During the shooting, we use a radio controlled helicopter with GPS, under the helicopter hangs a controllable camera gimbal where we place an camera that we can control via live view from the ground.

With this system, we want to offer you images that you could not get in other ways. A brand new exclusive way to show their real estate location. Suddenly you can get views taken from the sea in over the beach or a picture 120 meters in the air to show how close it is to a beach? If the property is large, we can also make a video presentation of the entire house with special licensed music so that you get an idea of the house is layed out.


Videopresentation of real estate

As we mentioned before, If the property is large, you can also make a video presentation of the property so that you can get a better view of the whole place, here we custom make music and edit it just as the customer wants. Here we can also offer standard filmning inside the houses with a special rigg for the smoothest shots possible.